Rebuilt RV Gas Refrigerator Cooling Units

When your RV suddenly starts smelling of Ammonia, your Gas Refrigerator has a leak in the cooling unit. You can replace the entire refrigerator, but that’s expensive and unnecessary. The cooling units (the coils in the back) can be replaced with relative ease. Often, people think their only option is to return to a authorized RV dealer to repair the refrigerator. They, in turn, will order a new cooling unit from Dometic or Norcold (the most common manufacturers.)

Trailer Refrigeration Saves Your Money

Trailer Refrigeration offers a money saving alternative to purchasing a new factory replacement gas refrigerator cooling unit. We take an old core, weld new coils to the unit and recharge the unit. Because all of our rebuilt cooling units are hand welded, rather that machine welded like the factory units, the units are less likely to fail at a later date. We offer a two year warranty on our rebuilt cooling units, as opposed to the manufacturer’s one year warranty on new units. Additionally, our evaporators are warrantied for five years against leaks on most units.

Trailer Refrigeration’s rebuilt cooling units come with installation instructions. Most individuals with only minimal skill can follow the simple instructions and replace the cooling units themselves. This saves the extra labor expense a repair shop will charge.